Political issues that affect permitting this election cycle?


Feb 19, 2024
After the pollution and water quality laws were relaxed locally, those of us who rely on well water paid the price. All sorts of cancer causing chemicals have leached into our groundwater. So, even though the lack of regulation means it's easier to get your permit approved, I can't say that's been a good thing. That's a hot topic that I'm watching closely.

What are you paying close attention to this election cycle that might affect permitting where you live?
United States
I don't envy you, Saxton. It's a shame that your well water is no longer useable. You've tried filtering out the contaminants, right? There are some amazing filtration systems out on the market today.

As for me, I'll be waiting to see who wins locally. One candidate, who is running for chancellor, has promised to overhaul the business permitting process, especially when it comes to health and safety inspections.
New regulations in the US should cover areas like environmental protection, consumer rights, financial oversight, healthcare access, labor rights, technology use, especially with AI, gun safety, criminal justice fairness, immigration policies, and education quality. These issues affect every day life of common people, so the newly elected politicians should focus on these issues.