Permit needed for quick drywall job (walls and flooring)?


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Oct 30, 2023
I was browsing through reddit and stumbled upon r/home and found an interesting post about someone wanting to renovate their walkup attic into a hangout spot or even a home office. They wanted to know, would a permit be needed if they were to add drywall and basic flooring to a home in Lake County IN?

They only intend to put up drywall and do minor touch-ups. Would they still be required to get a permit for that? Or is small work allowed as long as it's not an addition? They can't seem to find enough information on whether you can or not. It's not like it's a major renovation.

I'm sure there are some people here who have done this type of work, so I thought it'd be a good question to share with the community. More context on this can be found here: Reddit
Lake County, Indiana, United States
I always check with my local building department and permitting office for what requirements need to be followed when establishing a non-living space as a new living-space. Bear in mind doing this can often require a permit, especially if you intend to make a lot of changes. You need to also make sure this new living space is insulated and electrical work is done to code. Being a living space now, it needs to adhere to safety standards, and be in compliance with building codes.

Another issue that comes up is property taxes. Any changes made to your property could affect your property taxes. It's also important that any changes made can be supported by the existing framework of the house. Older homes for example, previous builds might not be designed to support additional weight.

I'd reach out to your local building department before anything, as they can provide you with more clarity on the matter, and help you avoid any mistakes and complications in the process. Plus, you want to be safe and set if you ever plan to sell your house and property later.
It might come down to whether the work falls under a repair or a modification to the home. Since he's adding flooring, I bet his work will fall under the latter. I'm surprised he doesn't need to add an egress window.