Permit for Airbnb Apartments


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Oct 28, 2023
These days, I hear most people talking about Airbnb apartments. They are either living in an Airbnb apartment temporarily (on vacation or while looking for a permanent residence) or they are earning money through rent.

My question is if someone wants to start earning through Airbnb, what would you suggest to them? Who should they contact to get the permit to start their Airbnb business/passive income?
United States
Before anyone gets too far in the process, they need to start off at the very local end of things. Does your town/city have certain requirements to allow you to be an AirBnB? There could be prohibitions that are obscure!

In my town, we have a lot of Amish and I learned that the property one Amish family bought a couple months ago, was turned into an AirBnB. So everyone is getting involved in this. Isn't that exciting?