Permit details for Mainers flocking to Gloucester for short but sweet scallop season


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Oct 30, 2023
Got some news for you if you happen to be a fisherman from Maine, Massachusetts and or New Hampshire, as you can now participate in the scallop fishery in the Northern Gulf of Maine. In order to fish, you will be required to obtain a permit that could cost you around $100,000. This permit will allow individuals to catch up to 200 pounds of scallop meat on a daily basis, or until they meet a total quota of 454,152 pounds.

The season's duration has yet to be decided, as it usually goes until said quota is made. Last year the season only lasted 21 days before the quota was met. Two years ago the season lasted 54 days. So it can depend on how fast the quota is met that decides when the season officially ends. Fishermen only have a 200-pound limit a day, and it sounds like it doesn't take long to reach this daily limit. How they do it, is they will make several short tows, each of which lasts about 5-10 minutes until they reach said 200-pound limit. One met, they have to make sure they have complied with daily limits and are reporting their catches electronically to keep track of the quota management.

So, who here is going to go fishing for some scallops in Maine or surrounding areas? You can read more about this news here: National Fisherman
Maine, United States
Scallop fishing must bring in a lot of money if the permit could costs reach up to $100K alone. How many fishermen are able to join? Can it be as many as long as they don't break the daily or yearly quota? My other question is, does each person get to reach the 400,000+ pound limit? Or is it a combined total between all fishermen taking part? That's what I got from it, since the season could end in less than a month if they have enough people out fishing.
Or is it a combined total between all fishermen taking part?
I believe it's a combined total, and the fishing season ends once that total is met. That's how I read it, at least.

Goodness, that's one expensive permit! I wonder how many pounds of scallop you'd need to sell in order to make your money back? Now I know why seafood isn't more affordable.
So, you have to pay $100,000 to get the permit, right? Is the permit for individuals, groups, or businesses? Is the maximum limit of 454,152 pounds for one permit? How many permits do that give per season? Is it really easy to reach the daily limit and also maximum quota?