Park permit pulled for Toronto Eritrean festival after clashes send 9 to hospital

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Sep 14, 2023
The city of Toronto has unfortunately revoked the permit for a festival celebrating the Eritrean community in a west end park. This decision was made Saturday night due to an outbreak of violence earlier in the day. The clash between participants and demonstrators resulted in at least nine individuals being sent to the hospital.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
It's regrettable that the Eritrean community festival in Toronto had to be canceled due to a violent outbreak. While it's essential to prioritize public safety, it's also crucial to address the root causes of such incidents and find ways to foster understanding and peaceful coexistence in our diverse communities.
It's very obvious that the participants and demonstrators in the festival celebrating the Eritrean community in a west end park never had a good plan for the event. There shouldn't be any room for violence that's capable of leaving people injured and potentially killed in these sort of events. Safety comes first in everything that's why I believe that it's a very good decision by The city of Toronto to revoked the permit for the festival.