Palo Alto Offers Lifeline to Struggling Housing Developers


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Aug 26, 2023
Palo Alto is throwing a financial lifeline to housing developers facing challenges. They are giving developers more time – an extra 18 months – to secure their building permits beyond the usual 12-month period. This move is to make sure that approved housing projects get completed.

The decision to extend the timeframe is a response to high-interest rates and the increasing costs of labor and supplies. It's a notable change from how things were done before. This timeframe extension will give developers more time to sort out their finances and move forward with their projects without the stress of permits expiring soon.

If you want to know more about this development and what it means, you can read the full article here.
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That's awesome news. I think 12 months is still a good timeframe, but I understand people may need more time with permits. And extra time is always an added bonus. Especially with the permitting process, which doesn't always go according to plan.

This will ease some tensions for developers.