North Carolina Extends Learner's Permit Time for Teen Drivers


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Aug 26, 2023
Come January 1, 2024, North Carolina is changing its six-month requirement for a level 1 learner's driving permit and making it 9 months. This change in time frame means that new drivers, especially teens, have to wait longer before getting their level 2 provisional license. Interestingly, the new rule doesn't exempt current level 1 driving license holders. If a teen has been holding her level 1 permit for six months but doesn't complete the road test by the end of the year, she must follow the new nine-month requirement. This change was made to give enough time to develop the driving skills of young drivers.

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North Carolina, United States
This is a great change, all too often I do feel that youngsters gain their license too soon before they have learned enough on the road and when learning and that often results in many being in accidents that could have been avoided.

It is a shame more places do not opt to increase the time frame before you can gain access to your full license so to speak as I feel it would help in avoiding so many accidents that should never have happened.