Newnan City Council Grants Variances for Local Pharmacies to Distribute Low-THC Products: Navigating State Regulations and Community Concerns


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Sep 5, 2023
The Newnan City Council has granted variances allowing local pharmacies to dispense low-THC products, overcoming state restrictions within 1,000 feet of schools or churches. Lee King Pharmacy and Lee Goodrum Pharmacy sought variances, emphasizing the challenge for businesses to navigate state laws. Upon Board of Pharmacy approval, these pharmacies will treat low-THC products like prescriptions, requiring an eligibility card from the Georgia Department of Public Health. While concerns were raised about Lee Goodrum Pharmacy's proximity to a middle school, the council trusts the pharmacies to responsibly manage distribution. This decision reflects local governments adapting to evolving state laws on controlled substances, signaling a changing approach to regulating such products in communities. For further details, refer to the complete article in the Times-Herald.
Newnan, Georgia, United States
Wow, I'm shocked by that outcome, especially regarding the pharmacy that's near a school. I wonder if THC becoming more normalized on had anything to do with it? I thought the South was generally pretty strict, though.