New zoning bylaws to streamline the permitting process in Edmonton


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Jul 9, 2023
For those who are residents, developers or property owners in Edmonton, there has been a transformative change which will be coming your way. The city at the moment is gearing up to roll out a new proposed zoning bylaw. This will be the first major revamp since 1961.

The overhaul will see a drop in the number of standard zones which will go from 46 - 24 and will aim to offer more flexibility to building types, reduce rezoning instances and simplify the permitting process.

The new bylaw is something that is part of the City Plan's vision to offer a more vibrant urban future as the population grows in Edmonton. It should be noted that the current bylaw was adopted in 2001 and is now deemed outdated and may hinder any kind of land development.

The changes that have been proposed could lead to increased housing density but would include a broader range of housing types which will include garden suites and small apartments allowed in residential zones.

There are, however, concerns about the affordability of housing and how residents will be notified about any proposed developments.

You can dive into more specifics and what this will mean for the city's future at Edmonton Journal article
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Edmonton's proposed zoning bylaw overhaul is a significant step toward a more dynamic urban future. The reduction in standard zones and increased housing types signal adaptability and growth, aligning with the city's evolving needs. Affordability and community engagement remain important challenges to address as this transformation unfolds.
This new proposed zoning bylaw is a very good news for all the residents, developers or property owners in Edmonton because if you ask any of them, they will definitely tell you that this should have been done a very long time ago and you cannot disagree with them. Permitting process of any State should be made to enable the City development grow faster and not keep them stuck.
The upcoming zoning bylaw changes in Edmonton seem like a positive step towards more adaptable and vibrant urban planning. In my opinion, updating the zoning bylaw is a necessary step for Edmonton's progress, but careful consideration of affordability and community engagement should be integral to the implementation of these changes. Balancing growth with inclusivity will be key to creating a more vibrant and sustainable urban environment.