New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization Plan Stalls Amid Commission Disagreement


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Aug 26, 2023
Efforts to create a framework for legalizing marijuana in New Hampshire hit a roadblock as the state commission tasked with the plan failed to reach a consensus. Lawmakers were hopeful that the commission's proposal would serve as a blueprint for legislation. However, the committee rejected it by a 7-2.

The proposed model suggested state-controlled franchises, overseen by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, for recreational cannabis sales. It included a 15 percent fee on gross sales to fund tax relief, law enforcement, and mental health initiatives.

While the commission's report may still serve as a model, the prospect of New Hampshire swiftly joining other New England states in legalizing recreational marijuana appears uncertain, with revisions and debates expected in the legislative process

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The New Hampshire Liquor Commission would be running these cannabis shops? According to the article, they wanted a ruling where they would franchise these cannabis shops. Where does that leave other people in the cannabis business? Are they not allowed to establish their own dispensaries?

I don't think I like the government having the option to run their own cannabis shops. That kind of scares me to be honest. I want anyone who is legally able to, to be able to run their own cannabis shops if they can afford to.

Hope they figure out the rules, I don't think I'd accept them as is currently.