New building department established for Mooresville, NC


Staff member
Apr 16, 2023
It's not every day that a new building department gets established. As reported here, the town of Moorseville now has its own Building Permitting & Inspections Department, which started issuing permits for planning and development within town limits as of September 1. Previously, residents, contractors, and business owners had to travel to nearby Statesville to obtain permits from the Iredell County Building Standards Division, so I'm sure this is a welcome change. For permits obtained from Iredell County prior to September 1, the County will continue to oversee and conduct inspections until those projects are completed.
Mooresville, North Carolina, United States
This is fantastic news for the residents and businesses of Moorseville! Establishing a dedicated Building Permitting & Inspections Department within the town is a significant step towards convenience and efficiency. No longer having to make trips to Statesville for permits is undoubtedly a welcome change. It's reassuring to know that the transition process for projects with permits from Iredell County will be seamless. Kudos to Moorseville for this smart move!
In my opinion, the creation of a new building department in Mooresville is an excellent decision that will enhance the town's management and development. This dedicated department is expected to simplify the building permit process, making it more efficient and effective in reviewing construction plans and enforcing building codes. Moreover, residents and businesses will benefit from having a centralized resource for all their building-related inquiries or concerns. Overall, the establishment of this new department will greatly contribute to the growth and prosperity of Mooresville by prioritizing safe and sustainable development practices.