Neighbors upset by planning approval for home designed to replicate Star Wars light cruiser


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Apr 16, 2023

Check out this unusual planning decision that recently made the news in Australia. I guess I can understand neighbors being concerned about property values if located next to a spaceship (lol). As the article mentions, there were objections based on "community character" but because the development was determined not to have environmental impacts, the planning department okayed it. Not sure I could get away with this in my neighborhood as I imagine the brightness of those aft thruster could be considered a nuisance. But good to know the hardcore Star Wars fans have a place to build!
United States
If I were in that area, I'd be upset with the thought of having such a structure because it could be problematic concerning my home's own value. Would it help boost the value of my home or reduce it?

Also, one thing I didn't see brought up in the article is that structures like that tend to bring in the tourists. Having more traffic in the area and people wandering about trying to take photos of the building could become a nuisance to those who want a quiet neighborhood.

From an artistic standpoint, I think the plans look really cool and I'd love to visit such a house myself!