Michigan Pushes for Proposal to Repeal Environmental Review Panels


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Aug 26, 2023
The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) is urging the repeal of environmental review panels from the Snyder era, citing delays and lack of value. Senate Bill 393 and Senate Bill 394 have been introduced to eliminate the Environmental Science Advisory Board and the Environmental Permitting Review Commission, respectively. Officials argue that the latter causes unnecessary delays and inefficient resource use, with concerns raised about legal determinations by non-experts. The proposed changes aim to streamline the environmental review process in Michigan, emphasizing efficiency and governance improvements.
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Michigan, United States
Well if people can still obtain permits for certain needs, I see no problem with it. If it's streamlined, it should be even easier to obtain a permit for what you need. But, it does seem like some were against this, but they didn't show up to push back on it.