Marriage license fee increase in Vermont


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Aug 28, 2023
It's usually no big deal when a marriage license increases in cost, but I felt this one was a little more special. The reason? The fees go up from $60 to $80 and of that amount, $50 is going to go to the domestic and sexual violence fund (it used to be $35 that went to the fund). That fund provides training and leadership for advocates and they lobby for survivor-centered laws.

Here is the website about the fund:

Vermont, United States
I noticed the article also mentions that the law that increased marriage fees also includes a provision that will return the fees to $60 in 2025. It looks like the fee increase is a response to declining contributions to the fund from fines and surcharges tied to criminal and civil convictions. To me, it makes sense that perpetrators should have to pay into the fund and not newlyweds, who generally don't have anything to do with domestic violence (i.e., it doesn't seem quite appropriate to link marriage and domestic violence in that kind of way).
I believe this increase in marriage license fees is a positive step towards supporting victims of domestic and sexual violence. It's great to see funds being allocated to crucial training and advocacy for survivors.
When people are spending thousands of dollars on wedding feast, what's the big deal in the $20 fee increment? But the allocation of more money for domestic and sexual violence funds is certainly a good move. By having more money in the fund, hopefully victims will be provided shelter, legal assistance, counseling, and education programs.
How sad, really. It's almost as though they're saying that an increase in marriages leads to an increase in domestic violence. It's like they're expecting domestic assault to go up.