Improving Permit Processes for Better Business Operations


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Aug 26, 2023
A study by the Minnesota Chamber Foundation found that there is a need to speed up Tier 2 air and water permits should the agency's 150-day target is met. For meeting the target, it is important to cutting down on long delays. Sometimes these delays can stretch into years, which greatly hinders larger projects. The report also stresses the importance of clearing backlogs in permit renewals and minor facility changes to streamline processes and reduce wait times for businesses. The study also calls for increased transparency and collaboration in Minnesota's permitting and environmental review programs.

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Minnesota, United States
I'm happy to see them putting in the work to make the process better. I'm glad they chose to do this six-month data-driven analysis, because it should provide some insight on what works and doesn't work, and how to streamline the process so it works better for everyone.

Permitting delays should never stretch into years, that should never happen. But, they are making moves to change that and hopefully they figure out how to speed the permitting process up going forward.