Important Update for San Francisco Permits: Inspector Placed on Leave


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Aug 26, 2023
If you're trying to get building permits or approvals in San Francisco, here's some important news for you. A city building inspector named Van Zeng has been put on leave because he violated the rules of the Department of Building Inspection by inspecting properties owned by his own family. This situation has made the department review its policies, and it could lead to changes in how inspections are done, which might affect your future projects. This is a reminder to make sure your inspections don't have any conflicts of interest to keep your building process honest. For all the details about what happened and how it might impact your permit applications, check out the complete article here.
San Francisco, California, United States
The suspension of the San Francisco building inspector, for inspecting family-owned properties, highlights the need for transparent inspections. This incident prompts a crucial review of inspection policies that may impact future construction projects.