Huntsville issues permits for $52.8 million Hays Farm apartment complex


Sep 26, 2023
Hello everyone, here the news:

Permits were issued last week for a $52.8 million Hays Farm apartment complex under construction at 850 Haysland Road.

Jeffrey Cairney, Camden Securities Company vice president of finance, acquisitions and asset management, told the Lede in an earlier interview the community will include 11 three-story Class A garden-style buildings.

The units will range from 780 square feet to 1,450 square feet. The complex will include detached garages.

The apartments will be built in three phases, Cairney said. The first units will be delivered in late summer or early fall of next year. They are being built on a 20-acre site near Grissom High School.

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Huntsville, Alabama, United States
It's promising to see investments in large-scale housing projects like the Hays Farm apartment complex. This development, with its diverse range of unit sizes and amenities like detached garages, is likely to provide attractive housing options for the community. The phased construction approach shows careful planning, and the proximity to Grissom High School could potentially have positive impacts on the local area. Such developments contribute to the growth and vibrancy of a region, providing much-needed housing opportunities.
I believe it's wonderful news that Huntsville is granting permits for the $52.8 million Hays Farm apartment complex. This new development signifies growth and investment in the community, offering more housing options and potentially attracting new residents. It's really exciting to witness Huntsville's ongoing development and expansion, as it benefits its residents greatly.

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