How many permits are usually involved when demolishing a property?


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Oct 30, 2023
My in-laws recently purchased some land that has an old house and other structures on it. They plan to demolish every structure on the land, as they are long past repair at this point. What permits are usually required when demolishing structures on ones land like this? There is a fairly decent sized house, a garage that is mostly collapsed in, a few sheds, and a bunch of rundown cars.

I imagine they need some form of permits in order to complete said work.
Michigan, United States
Good question. I found some info online, and it depends on the area. In most areas, you will need to file a demolition permit, at least for any structures that were originally built with a permit. But, for each structure that qualifies as a building, so you'd need to file a permit for each structure you want to take down. Your best bet, is to reach out to your local building department or a professional demolition contractor on what the best steps are for this sort of thing.

Here are some resources I found:

Could it be considered an emergency situation? This usually applies if there's been a weather disaster, or you've experienced a house fire. If so, you might be able to start demoing before the permit is issued. You'd simply need to file a notification for emergency work with the appropriate department. Of course, it's based on locality, but it's worth checking out.