Office Review Houston Permitting Center

Opinions about the Houston Permitting Center are kind of all over the place. Some people, like Jerrell and Chris, weren't happy. They said the staff was rude and not helpful. On the flip side, people like Matthew Clarke, Robert P., and Akiko Arashi had good experiences. They liked specific staff members and thought they were professional and helpful.

Interestingly, there were also some issues reported by people like Zaid Khayat and Joseph Rodriguez. They mentioned problems with getting quick responses and sometimes got conflicting information from different departments. On a brighter note, some employees, like Erin and the plumbing inspectors, got shoutouts for being awesome and helpful.
Yet, not everything is peachy. Kelly Smart and Tony Ton complained about how the system works and how much it costs. They even had some ideas for making things better. So, all in all, the reviews cover a mix of experiences, from really good ones to some serious frustrations with the whole permitting process.

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