Hello! Mike30 here :)


Sep 15, 2023
Hello, I am new here. I am a webmaster and also into construction. I did find out this forum to
be nice and neat on its own category. I enjoy reading about these topics.
If i can be of help, don't hesitate to ask :)
Welcome Mike - great to have you as a member! I recall seeing you over on AJ so glad to see you made it here and introduced yourself.

Also great hearing you have an interest in construction. As you probably know, a lot of permitting that happens (I'd say most) is construction/development-related, so that ends up being a lot of what gets covered here. We've mostly been discussing regulatory/policy updates for various permit types but I'm hoping to ultimately have more people on here who can share firsthand experiences dealing with specific permitting issues. If there are any specific permitting experiences/problems you've had, or any policy topics that interest you, don't hesitate to post about it here. I also always welcome any feedback you or others may have about the site or any of the content. Look forward to seeing you around the forum!
Thank you for the warm welcome!
Yes, construction it's all about permits and it's good to have a place to read and discuss about it.
I will definitely give some feedback when I encounter any thing.
Hi Mike - yeah, I remember checking it out but didn't quite understand what it was at first and didn't end up digging into it too much :). Just read up on it a little more and took a look at your "reactions leaderboard." It's a very cool idea and I am impressed by the innovative stuff you're doing linking APIs across forums. I can appreciate the competition/engagement aspect too, especially for all the forum junkies out there who post all the time on various forums and would be interested in knowing where they stand relative to others. As far as Permitting Talk is concerned, I'm still very much in the "growth phase" of my community here and am being careful to keep the mechanics of the site as simple as possible, so this probably isn't for me right now. Don't hesitate to keep me in the loop on your API-based ideas for forum/community building. I do think you're onto something there.