Hello from Portland, OR


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Apr 3, 2024
I'm a senior project manager with a company called Faster Permits. I've been managing (expediting) permits nationally for just over 9 years. Started primarily in residential (NSFR, remodel/addition, land use) and now mainly handle commercial (retail sales, new apartment/high-rise buildings, restaurants, etc.)
Hi Nathan - great to have you on the forum! You mentioned you handle permitting nationally but I assume a lot of your projects are local and go through Portland BDS? I was just chiming in about changes at Portland BDS over on this thread, namely how they're consolidating several bureaus' permitting functions under one BDS office. Curious if this is something that's affecting you or if you have any insights to share.
We're definitely very connected to Portland with over 30 years of managing permits there. I'll jump over and weigh in. It's all conceptual at this time, so not much to go on.