Do You Need a House Painting Permit in Massachusetts? Clarifying the Regulations?


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Sep 5, 2023
Attention Massachusetts residents engaged in home maintenance and repair, there's important news regarding house painting permits in the state. Good news – you don't require a permit to paint your house in Massachusetts. However, it's wise to stay informed about any alterations in permit prerequisites for various home maintenance tasks to ensure you remain compliant. For a thorough grasp of this matter, delve into the comprehensive article: "Do You Need a Permit to Legally Paint Your House in Massachusetts?"
Massachusetts, United States
This is really good news for homeowners in Massachusetts. It would be really frustrating to seek permits for petty things like house painting, or other minor home improvements like changing switchboards, changing faucets, etc. Since the permitting processes are manual in many places, visiting offices for permits and waiting for weeks to get approval is really frustrating.