Challenges with Bremerton's Permit Process


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Aug 26, 2023
Recently, while scrolling Reddit posts, I came across an interesting post. The Reddit post was about the permit process in Bremerton, especially concerning the time taken for approval, toxic work environment in the planning department, and the past lawsuits. According to the poster, these problems are making it hard for businesses to grow. Have you faced similar issues? What do you think we can do to fix this?

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I'm hearing it's kind of rough in Bremerton, as it's been reported that they are experiencing significant delays when it comes to their backlog of permits. It's gotten so bad that it looks like it's extending over a year. It's only going to further hinder the development of business and of course project timelines.

Sounds like the whole team involved within the planning department has been described as toxic. In turn, they are contributing to inefficiencies in the work done and are often hostile towards applicants. This is a clear problem and has made it a challenge for many, especially those who are seeking permits.

Change needs to happen, especially to their permitting and planning departments. They really aught to implement a more streamlined system that will help with procedure, communication and more.