Challenges and Opportunities Amidst Unprecedented Growth in Real Estate Market in Nashville


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Aug 26, 2023
Despite higher interest rates and recession, there is a surge in the real estate market in Nashville. The surge in the real estate market started before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is continuously progressing. The property price in Nashville has skyrocketed by 55 percent since the beginning of the pandemic, which means 44 of the population has to buy a home at the median price. This surge in prices raises concerns about the city's ability to maintain housing accessibility for its residents. The city's rapid expansion has also led to rising traffic congestion and pressure on its infrastructure.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Thanks @Nomad. Nashville's really been booming lately, which is also reflected in its permitting numbers - I recall we also talked about the Metro Codes Department's record number of permits and revenue in a this thread. Interesting to hear how home price appreciation in Nashville has so solidly outpaced the national average since the start of the pandemic (55% versus 47% respectively). If you're a renter or prospective homebuyer in Nashville, you've definitely been feeling some intense housing inflation.

It's great that development is in overdrive right now and that there's such a robust supply-side response to all the demand, but it sounds like most of the development is commercial rather than residential. Glad to hear the city is thriving post-pandemic and that there's such healthy RTO downtown. Unfortunately, as a consequence of this spike in desirability, it looks like affordability won't be in the equation for a lot of Nashvillians any time soon.